24/7 Prayer and Fasting for the next 10 years asking the Lord to save at least 10% of the Muslim world.  

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9)

 Many people have labored to love and bless Muslims by sharing Jesus as the Savior of the world. Through the Ramadan prayer booklet and many different prayer initiatives focused on the Muslim world we have seen the Lord answering prayer and thousands of Muslims have met Jesus and received salvation by believing in his death and resurrection and following Him as Lord and Savior.

Before the Abide, Bear Fruit Consultation (Thailand, October 2017) God spoke to different Christian leaders about and trusting Him, and asking Him for a mighty Harvest in the Muslim world. One of these leaders took time to pray and fast for more than three weeks and felt that the Lord put this challenge into his heart:

“I want you to pray and fast for the next 10 years, asking Me for at least 10% of the Muslims to be saved”.

Another leader was meditating on Isaiah 6 at the same time not knowing anything about the 10% vision. God ask Isaiah “Whom shall I send?” and Isaiah answered: “Here am I, Lord send me!” The Lord then surprisingly tells Isaiah that no one will listen to him and judgment will fall…yet despite judgment Isaiah 6:13 promises a remnant, a tithe in the stump.  This leader felt that we (The body of Christ) should ask the Lord that 10 % of all unreached peoples will be saved!

These two leaders went for a prayer walk at the Abide, Bear Fruit Consultation and felt that they should present this vision to all the delegates. In another confirmation, 90 % of the mission leaders assembled (there were 850 delegates) leaders felt that God was asking us to pray and fast for a great move of God among Muslims.  75% of those delegates assembled felt that we should ask God that in the next 10 years at least 10% of the Muslim world will be saved.

We want to invite you personally, as a group, a church, or a mission to join in what God has been speaking to us by selecting specific days where you will commit to pray and fast for 10% of the Muslim World to be saved in the next 10 years (by January 1st, 2028).

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